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Cannabis Related Decor for any Toker


Cannabis-Related Decor for any Toker

Stoner decor doesn’t have to be Half Baked movie posters and Jamaican flags, you can have an adult apartment or house and still show off your love of Cannabis. Gone are the days of the Cheech and Chong like basement-dwelling smokers; now that we can be open about our usage, we can also celebrate our hobby with proud displays. In my travels around the internet, I’ve found some fascinating cannabis-related decor pieces that would shine in the most out and proud smokers’ house or fit with the more subtle touches of a low-key toker.

Cannabis-Related Decor
GraemeGiftStore on Etsy

Graeme Gift Store on Etsy focuses mostly on masks now, but the vintage-inspired posters they carry are amazing. Based out of the USA, the shop is a little outdated, but the reviews are still coming in as recently as this week, so the shop seems to be still going. Personally, this “Sativa Days, Indica Nights” is the perfect mix of hippy and low-key stoner that doesn’t shove it in your face when your mother-in-law comes to visit but also shines brightly as a conversation starter for any fellow cannabis-enthusiasts.

At first glance, I actually thought the first pillow I saw was an actual stash. Although not exactly low-key, these pillows are way too much fun. The OG Kush pillow is just that, a pillow, but the Pineapple Express pillow is a two-in-one, a crazy-looking stash to hide your stash. If anyone you don’t want to know asks about the skunky-smelling pillow – tell them it’s an extra feature.

Cannabis-Related Decor
Finally, the perfect no smoking sign.

Everyone loves those joky signs like “Man Cave,” but finally, I can actually like a no-smoking sign. Found on Amazon, this tin sign would be the perfect addition to any smoke shed or toking room. In addition, this sign is a little larger than your average sheet of paper, making it the perfect size for any wall.

Cannabis-Related Decor
THC Molecule Wall Art

For the science nerd at heart, this THC Molecule wall art looks amazing. The Etsy listing explains that these art pieces are made via a 3D Printer, allowing complete control over the design.

All our decorations are made of ECO-friendly material – corn bioplastic. Thanks to this, our products are durable and biodegradable in the same time.


Cannabis-Related Decor
I do wonder if the designer had ever seen a cannabis plant…

While not exactly scientifically accurate, this weed plant made me laugh when I first saw it. All I can picture is the look of sheer fear upon non-smokers’ faces when they see it. That may be an outdated daydream, but this little house plant has a spot in my heart for its absurdity.

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