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Cesar Millan’s Pit Bull Accused of Being a KILLER, and Dollar Tree is Raising Prices for First Time


It’s a wonderful Thursday and the Hard Factor News Team is talking about some really bad news for Cesar Millan and pit bulls 23:10 the Dollar Tree raising prices for the first time in it’s 35 year existence 18:50 and a ton of other wild shit including “heavenly orgasms”, Ronaldo’s body, and the Korean peninsula…

00:00 – Timestamps

Cup of Coffee in the Big Time
04:40 – Fun Fact: Annual Dolphin Molestations
06:00 – Holidays: Podcast and Cider Day
07:20 – This Day in History: Neville Chamberlain
10:00 – Trending Mentions: Government Shutdown and Spending Bill Stand-off, Pacquiao, Happy Birthday Daniel
12:30 – #3 – Sports: Ronaldo in Champions League and Thursday Night Football
15:50 – #2 – Jamie Spears Suspended from Britney’s Conservatorship
18:50 – #1 – Dollar Tree Forced to Raise Prices Over $1

23:10 – Cesar Milan’s Pit Bull Accused of Ruining a Gymnastics Career and Killing Queen Latifah’s Dog

35:40 – Colorado Christian Porn Star, Nita Marie, says God Gives Her “Heavenly Orgasms”

TikTok International Moment
46:30 – North Korea – Claims to have Faster Hypersonic Missile than the USA
48:50 – South Korea – Man Gets 4K Calls a Day After Phone Number Appears in “Squid Game”
52:15 – Brazil – A family of Neo-Nazi’s in the Brazilian Government is Doing Neo-Nazi Stuff

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