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New Jersey Cannabis Consultant: Licensing


Our New Jersey Cannabis Consultant, Natalie Jachymiak, describes the new cannabis market within the state of New Jersey. The cannabis licenses that are available within New Jersey include a processor license, a grower license, a wholesaler license, a retailer license, a distributor license, and finally a transporter license.

Cannabis licenses in New Jersey allow you to operate a cannabis business within the state. Different licenses allow you to run different operations. Are you interested in applying for a license? Our New Jersey Cannabis Consultants have the resources to help you win a cannabis license.

Reach out to our New Jersey cannabis consultants at Quantum 9 for more information on how you can win the cannabis license that you want. Currently, our New Jersey cannabis consulting team has a 90.12 % success rate in obtaining licenses.

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Our New Jersey cannabis business consulting team is excited to work with you!


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