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The First Edition Of Cannabis Edibles Expo Is Coming This November


Registrations are open, Get your passes today:
Cannabis Edibles Expo:

SAN FRANCISCO | November 12, 2021
CHICAGO | November 16, 2021

After the huge success of the Cannabis Drinks Expo, we introduce to you – Cannabis Edibles Expo, where Cannabis Edibles Supplier Brands from around the world will be exhibiting in November. Attend the 2021 Cannabis Edibles Expo & explore the world of possibilities.

If you own a cannabis edibles brand or are a cannabis supplier, we are keeping it as real as ever for you. Our goal is to empower you with knowledge, network, and platform so you can grow and build your cannabis edibles business.

Here is a list of our 2021 exhibitors: https://cannabisediblesexpo.com/en/exhibitors/2021/

You can book your exhibitor spot here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfvUk8nfNdK1Nl_YK8pEGVSgRxBF_176BzkB0pmZ_PoyQ2C2w/viewform

Don’t miss this chance
Attend Sf: https://cannabisediblesexpo.com/en/tickets/2021-cannabis-edibles-expo-san-francisco-visitor-registration/

Attend Chicago: https://cannabisediblesexpochicago.com/en/tickets/2021-cannabis-edibles-expo-chicago-visitor-registration/

*** About Cannabis Edibles Expo 2021 ***
The first global event dedicated to the fast-growing cannabis edibles market is to be held in San Francisco and Chicago in November 2021. The Cannabis Edibles Expo will throw the spotlight on an industry that is now estimated to be worth over $1 billion in the US and Canada and could grow four times to be worth $4.1 billion in North America alone by 2022 (Source: ArcView/BDS Analytics).

The exhibition will bring the food and cannabis industries together with the first of a series of dedicated business-to-business events and a mission to grow the fast-emerging cannabis food category in its own right.

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