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The Science Behind the Business of Cannabis – ICC Interview: Dr. Sandra Carrillo of Medicann IPS


Ep. 14 – The Science Behind the Business of Cannabis

Dr. Carrillo has dedicated much of her career to advocating for the medicinal benefits of cannabis to a critical and often underserved group in the global supply chain of medicinal cannabis markets worldwide: health practitioners and her fellow doctors. While substantive well researched science exists around the world proving efficacy and understanding on a number of fronts, Dr. Carrillo helps to connect the dots for doctors who may not know where or how to look for this information. Join us as Chris Day talks to Dr. Carrillo about her programs throughout Latin America, her businesses in Colombia and education programs in Brazil; all dedicated to help empower patients and open the minds of healthcare providers through science. 

Medicann IPS Website: http://www.medicannips.com            

Dr. Carrillo’s Twitter:  @md_carrillo     

Dr. Carrillo’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drsandracarrillo/?hl=en

Hosted by Chris Day and Jill Reddish of The Global Cannabis Network Collective (GCNC), The International Cannabis Conversation takes a look into what’s driving the global business landscape of cannabis. They discuss international cannabis challenges & solutions, and trials & lessons.

Music – “Plantains and Bananas” by Noah Peterson

GCNC Website: https://alwaysdriveinnovation.com/

To reach the show: [email protected]


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