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Virtual Talkshop: The Science Behind CBD Oil: Everything You Need to Know


Since being introduced to Natures Sunshine Products, we’ve been assisting people for years, changing lives and empowering people to find their own path to wellness and prosperity. The truth is that you don’t have to settle for the status quo.

It’s likely a good chance you’ve heard of CBD Oils, but you may not know how they work and what benefits they offer?

We say this often, but this could literally be the most important hour of your life!

Are you ready to create more balance and harmony in life on a cellular level?
Decreased pain
Enhanced sense of well-being
Increased calm
Improved sleep
Reduced stress (thanks to CBD’s adaptogenic properties, which make you more resistant to various types of stress)

Powered by nearly 50 years of herbal expertise, NSP has launched a line of proprietary CBD products that crushes the top competitors. And that’s not just hype!

You’ll hear from Dr. Noah Jenkins from the renowned Hughes Center for Research and Innovation. He’ll prove to you in head-to-head testing, QEMP CBD was proven to be much more effective at the cellular level than other top brands on the market today!


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